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The Dilemma of a Driver less Car

Self driving cars is a cool concept. Every major enterprise is developing its own algorithm. Driver-less cars was science fiction that has come true. Life would be so much easier once a car is...


Root and Recover Defy +

Hello Guys, here we will see how to root the moto defy plus the mb526. Credit all goes to xda developers. Well got my phone bricked so ..i thought better make a how to...


Whatsapp on the Browser

The web version of whatsapp is now here and live. It is currently supported only on chrome. i know you must be anxious to try it. so let us get to it.  open

SWAY, Heard of this cloud app? 0

SWAY, Heard of this cloud app?

I bet you havent. The reason why i bring you some insights. First of all this is by Microsoft and is free to use. It is now 10 weeks old. It was only open...


How to implement RSS into your website

What is RSS? when I was looking for RSS i really could not get what it exactly was and how was i to implement it. I needed a simple explanation of what it was...

There are websites other than Facebook. 0

There are websites other than Facebook.

Let me be blunt on this topic.  Facebook eats our time. I have realised that Facebook is more of a market place used for advertising products. The essence of this article is to bring...