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Root and Recover Defy +

Hello Guys, here we will see how to root the moto defy plus the mb526. Credit all goes to xda developers. Well got my phone bricked so ..i thought better make a how to...

Credit Appraisal 0

Credit Appraisal

INTRODUCTION Credit appraisal means an investigation done by a bank before providing any advances, loans or project finance. Banks also check the financial, commercial & technical viability of the project proposed its funding pattern...


Risks Involved in Investements

Risks in financial sector can be defined as the amount of uncertainty in the expectation of return for an investment made. To be precise, it can be said that when an investment is made,...

Maturity Gap 0

Maturity Gap

Maturity Overview The distinction between the normal development of advantages and liabilities is called development hole. At the point when the development crevice is equivalent to zero progressions in investment rates will bring about...

Income Inequality 0

Income Inequality

DEFINITION: What is an income? Income is the revenue that comes from wages salaries interest on investment, dividends and profits from selling items. Income inequality is a situation in the economy where there is...

Investment Portfolio of Banks 0

Investment Portfolio of Banks

All commercial banks invest. What they do is that they take the money received from the regular banking transactions and put them in investments. To manage the funds properly they need an investment portfolio...


Whatsapp on the Browser

The web version of whatsapp is now here and live. It is currently supported only on chrome. i know you must be anxious to try it. so let us get to it.  open

Let us Tweak the Oil Price-US 0

Let us Tweak the Oil Price-US

OPEC pulled down the oil prices because they wanted to show the world that they still hold the leash on the oil prices not the US. And it was done to puncture the shale oil...


Negative interests in Swiss Banks

Well you are hearing it right.  You will be charged for keeping money  in Swiss banks. It is quite low but still a negative interest is a negative value. It was during the 1970s...

SWAY, Heard of this cloud app? 0

SWAY, Heard of this cloud app?

I bet you havent. The reason why i bring you some insights. First of all this is by Microsoft and is free to use. It is now 10 weeks old. It was only open...